Breath Awakening

 Awakening the Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit
through The Power of Breath

with Tara Nieves, MS
Therapeutic Breathwork Practitioner


Learn the tool of breathwork and empower yourself to heal and awaken your body, mind, and spirit!

Using Power of Breath breathwork, a Breath Awakening session is individually designed to support you in connecting with your higher self and life purpose.  It brings awareness to beliefs and patterns that keep you from healthy, joyful living.  In turn, you are empowered to make new choices that reduce stress and lead you to more joy, love, and peace in  your life.

Individual sessions, classes, workshops, and retreats are available.

Benefits of conscious connected breathing:

  1. clear out old emotions, patterns, and beliefs that no longer serve you

  2. relieve tension in your body making you look and feel younger

  3. reduce your blood pressure

  4. improve your immune system

  5. improve the quality of your sleep

  6. energize your body

  7. bring more mental clarity

  8. increase detoxification

  9. and much, much more.

Offering Individual Session
The Yoga Room
in Norwell, MA
To make your appointment at either location, call Tara at 781-724-6510