Essential Oils Workshops

Essential Oils 101


Natural solutions to support health & well-being for you and your family

with Tammy Ruggiero
and Tara Nieves

Wednesday, Nov 11, 2018
at 11AM-12:15PM

at The Lyme and PANS Treatment Center,
Cohasset, MA

What is an essential oil?
How can essential oils be used to support you and your family?
What makes doTERRA essential oils different from others?
Join us to experience our essential oils and find out!  Free Samples!
Cost of class:  $25
Please register: 781-923-7000


Emotional Aromatherapy


Join Tara Nieves for an evening of Emotional Aromatherapy

-get a taste of emotional aromatherapy history and science

-experience the effects of the oils first hand

-find out what makes doTERRA oils different from others.

While aromatherapy has proven an effective method for influencing emotions throughout several centuries, the connection between the brain and aroma is more than an ancient practice—it can now be explained scientifically due to extensive research and discovery. As we learn about the scientific background of aromatherapy, we can better understand how essential oils are used to manage the emotions and influence mood.

Space is limited.

$20; Pre-register here