From Satisfied Clients

JB, yoga therapist

Tara has brought beneficial healing to my life through Breath Awakening breathwork.  Tara has helped me ease my depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue, concentration, and much more!  As an empathetic healer, Tara has a gift for working with her clients in a holistic way.  She leads me on a journey to discover my true essence and explore any internal blocks I may have.  Her touch is gentle, and her coaching style during the breathing is always exactly what I need.  My body responds to her guidance, and a full-body release always occurs.  She has the skills and tools to share with those who need healing, and does this through so much more than just the breath.  Her full sessions are always a gift to my heart, and I encourage anyone considering breathwork to contact Tara!

TF, health and wellness sales

I was introduced to Breath Awakening and Tara Nieves through a friend that thought it may help me with emotional healing from trauma and 20 years of chronic pain.  I really didn’t even know what to expect, and was extremely nervous.  That night over 2 years ago has started an incredible journey of empowerment and freeing my body of bottled up emotions that came from my childhood and divorce.  I now have one on one sessions with Tara and have learned how to breathe to relieve pain and to work through feelings of worthlessness and taking my own life.  Words cannot express the gratitude to Tara for her incredible ability to comfort and guide me through my personal issues and have a closer relationship with God.   I feel so blessed to have been introduced to Tara and her incredible gift to help facilitate healing.  My experiences each session are more profound than the prior session.   My life has changed dramatically and I can see the transformation and so can my loved ones.  Thank you Tara.  You are a true blessing! 

SM, student

Oh my gosh, I slept like a baby the night before exam. I woke up and felt so relaxed and confident. And I got the highest grade 🙂 I want to do breathwork before every Exam!! 

SM, student

 THANK YOU!  I truly had the most amazing time last night. I felt more myself than ever after our workshop. It strengthened my trust in myself, others, and the universe. So thank you so very much you are an angel!…
Through the breathing I had this profound feeling in both of my hands. I have never felt it before and it lasted the entire time. They felt lit with energy- so alive. At times I really had to open my eyes to look at my hands because it truly felt as if i was holding something or someone was holding my hand…
I know everyone has their own story- which is beautiful. Experiencing the contrast of life is a gift- even if it doesn’t feel like it at times 😉 Last night meant more to me than I can put into words. The gratitude and love i felt for my life and body was overwhelmingly joyful.  I am SOOOOO signing up for another one and would love to do a private!!! 


MF, life coach

 My work with Tara has helped shift my life profoundly. I now have deeper access to the Divine that lives and flows through me; have released old, stuck emotions that kept me from living and expanding into my potential and I experience a greater vulnerability to and expression of my emotions. Tara provides a safe, loving container and is a blessed companion in this work. 

AY, high school teacher

 I came to Tara because for years I’ve had very cold hands and feet, and I thought breathwork might help my circulation. I had tried many other services (acupuncture, massage, etc) and if this didn’t work, I was ready to try medication (something I did not want). Through breathwork, I realized that the problem was at least partially emotional, and not just physical. I did a few sessions, had at least one very important revelation/discovery, and my circulation improved. My extremities are significantly warmer than they used to be. Very amazing. 


 Breathwork helped me open up to a whole new world.
Thanks so much!
Forever Grateful 


JS, computer programmer

 Breathwork has helped me on my healing journey and has added color to my black and white world. 

RT, nurse

 Friday night’s class was more than I thought I would ever get from an introduction to breath works.  I am still trying to understand everything that I experienced. The last 2 months have been an extremely stressful time for me. I know my emotions are just under the surface.. I was looking to relax and just put everything out of my mind for a little while.  Instead my body spilled over with emotions. I guess I have to deal with my emotions before I can move on to feeling relaxed. 

GS, seeker

 Revelation in awakening my Breath!…The first effect was felt immediately after laughing subsided, in the lower back and through the hip joint – the whole region was freed – I could bend and crouch effortlessly and without any distress.
The effect was felt within hours as a respiratory and reflux condition has seemed to disappear.  Also in this time frame the stress and strain on head and particularly muscles associated with the eyes have relaxed.  It’s as though the entire inner core of soft tissues of the thorax up through the neck and head all relaxed and realigned in perfect balance.
I am largely more relaxed and feel more robust and resilient in my self-awareness.
It seems my entire musco-skeletal system has realigned, too.
I could go as far as to say that what I have achieved in our work yesterday has had consequences of a catastrophic (technically, a thorough turn) nature; or that of a cataclysmic (technically, a thorough washing away) nature.
So, my breathing is greatly improved, my digestion is greatly improved; my peace of mind is greatly improved, and what’s really fantastically awesomely greatly improved is my sleep and, therefore, the rest I got last night.
Now, that’s just fantas-magically super-marvelously satisfyingly great!