Breathwork Workshops


Introduction to Breathwork

Friday, March 13 

at Open Doors, Braintree, MA
Please register here
Registration necessary.  

Saturday, March 14
at Real Life Yoga, Quincy MA
$65; Please register here
Registration necessary.  

Saturday, April 4 
at Yoga Room, Norwell MA
$75; Please register here
Registration necessary.  

Thursday, April 16 
at Studio at 84 Court St, Plymouth, MA
$75; Please register here
Registration necessary.

During A Breath Awakening Workshop , Tara Nieves Green, Therapeutic Breathwork Practitioner guides you through the powerful and profound experience of conscious, connected breathing that will lead you to a healthier breath pattern… a healthier Life pattern.

This 2 ½ hour workshop includes a breath awareness exercise, lecture, facilitated breathwork session and debrief/question- answer time.

Breathwork helps you…
• Raise your energy level
• Reduce the impact of stress
• Have more mental clarity
• Awaken your passion
• Increase detoxification
• Improve your immune system
• Deepen your relationships
• Improve the quality of your sleep
Bring more health and joy into your life.

Awakening Your Creative Spark
A 1/2 day breathwork experience  

 Saturday, TBA, 2019
1:00pm – 5:00pm
location: TBA, MA

$144; Please register by 

Join Tara Nieves Green for a full afternoon of spiritual creativity and community connection.

  • Breathwork
  • Art: wet-on-wet watercolor
  • Journaling
  • Meditation

For more information, call Tara at 781-724-6510

What does creativity do for your life?   

“By giving attention to the process of art-making we may begin to notice stirrings within ourselves- resistance, insight, joy, sadness- all of which are food for self insight and spiritual growth.  By engaging neglected dimensions of ourselves, we begin to bring a holistic approach to our spiritual and reclaim the inner intelligences and wisdom…”
an excerpt from “The Relationship between Spiritual and Artistic Expression: Cultivating the Capacity for Imagining.